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背  景(Background)


Center for Chinese Studies (CCS), Mahidol University is established on 1 October 2017, under the administrative jurisdiction of the Faculty of Social Science & Humanities.


使  (Mission)


The mission of CCS is to develop and train professionals to provide leadership in managing successful bilateral and multilateral cultural exchanges involving China and Southeast Asia. The CCS seeks to be one of the leading centers on Chinese studies in Thailand and the whole region and the stable bridge for networking and collaboration among scholars, students, entrepreneurs, intellectuals and even government experts regionally and globally.





To be a primary academic institute focusing on Chinese philosophy, religion, history, social and cultural development in mainland China and the overseas Chinese communities across Southeast Asia.


目  标(Objectives)

  • 成为致力于推动中国哲学、宗教(道教、儒教、佛教)、历史、文化和社会发展的区域性和全球性学术研究机构。
  • 对中国文化与东南亚文化的交流和互动进行研究、提出针对性建议,并努力为促进中国与东南亚各国的文化和学术交流尽绵薄之力。
  • 努力建成企业、政府和外交使团的文化、历史、宗教等问题的资源中心,并提供咨询和顾问,服务于中国与东南亚各国交流的相关事宜。
  • 通过学术交流策划以中国为重点的联合研究项目,加强与各国学术机构的合作研究。
  • 建立一个专业的中文语言培训和考试中心,以满足区域性就业市场对讲汉语员工不断增长的需求。
  • 建立学生申请中国高校的咨询渠道,以帮助有兴趣的候选人申请到中国的顶尖学府深造,促进中泰学生交流学习。


To be an academic research organization dedicated to the advancement of scholarship on Chinese philosophy, religion (Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism), culture, and social development in regional and global context.

To facilitate the cultural and academic exchanges between China and Southeast Asia, provide recommendations and conduct academic research on the roles of Chinese cultures in China’s relation and interactions with Southeast Asia.

To serve as a resource center and advisor to the government, corporate sector, and diplomatic corps on matters related to culture, history, religion and other issues crucial to the understanding of China and China-Southeast Asia relation.

To enhance collaborative research links with foreign institutions through academic exchange programs and joint research projects focusing on China.

To establish a professional Chinese linguistic training and examining center for the growing demand of Chinese-speaking employees in the regional job market.

To offer the service of consultation for the interested candidates to enroll in the top universities in China.