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CCGA History

The Center for China and Globalizing Asia Studies (CCGA), formerly the Center for Chinese Studies (CCS), was officially established in October 2017 to promote the multiple-dimensional studies of China and Southeast Asian Chinese. The CCGA is under the administrative jurisdiction (Department Level) of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at Mahidol University, the top-ranking high educational institute in Thailand.


To develop a professional research institute serving the social, political, economic and cultural development both regionally and internationally. To enhance connectivity between like minded individuals and institutions through the use of academics and the sharing of academic theories.


To carry out interdisciplinary studies of China, ASEAN-China relations, Southeast Asian Chinese communities and their transnational networks in the context of globalizing Asia.

To date, the CCGA has already established strong connections with the prominent universities in this region, including Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Sun Yat-sen University, Zhejiang University, Sichuan University and Hanshan Normal University in China, as well as the University of Kitakyushu in Japan. With them, CCGA has already set up a reliable faculty-student exchange mechanism, emerging as an international hub of academic communication and cultural exchange, particularly for the young generation in this region.

The joint research unit, “Thai-Sino Institute for Southeast Asian Chinese (Teochew) Studies)”, which CCGA plans to launch in June of 2019 in coordination with Hanshan Normal University, Sun Yat-sen University, and other outstanding universities in the area is going to create a regional research platform for researchers, academic experts, and students on Southeast Asian Chinese studies.

The international conference on “Contemporary China Studies in Southeast Asian: Present and Future” on 06-07 March 2020, co-organized with Nanyang Technological University, will be one of the most high-profile academic gatherings on China Studies/Sinology yet from Southeast Asian perspectives.