CCS Celebrates the Middle-Autumn Festival

CCS Celebrates the Middle-Autumn Festival

CCS Celebrates the Middle-Autumn Festival

The Middle-Autumn Festival (or Moon-Cake Festival) is one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals widely celebrated by Chinese peoples within and outside of China. The festival is held on 15th Lunar August with full moon at night, corresponding to late September to early October of the Gregorian calendar with a full moon at night.

The custom of celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival has spread to other parts of East, Southeast, and South Asia since history. However, the way in which different countries celebrate it varies. Mooncakes, which are traditionally eaten during this festival, have also appeared in western countries as an exotic sweet.
CCS international students organized an elaborate gathering on the Lawn of Social Dharma at front of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanties to celebrate the upcoming Middle-Autumn Festival (24 September, Friday) this afternoon. The celebration was presided over by the Dean, Assoc. Prof. Luechai Sringernyuang himself, and participated by other senior administrators from both Faculty and Center. A number of local students were also invited to join in this afternoon’s celebration, where they had tons of joy with their international friends.

Assoc. Prof. Luechai Sringernyuan, Dean

Happy Moments at the Celebration

Group Photo

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