Phra Promwachirayan Opens the First Makhapuja International Conference

Phra Promwachirayan Opens the First Makhapuja International Conference

At 9:00 o’clock this morning, Phra Promwachirayan, President of Makhapuja Conference Organizing Committee and President of Advisory Board of Center for Chinese Studies officially opened the first Makhapuja International Conference held at Salaya Royal Gems and Golf Resort and delivered the following message as you can see the attached transcript.

Revered Monks, Executive Committee Members, Scholars, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to present my sincere thanks and greetings to everyone who made this meeting possible. This meeting is a tribute to Lord Buddha’s triple gems and the importance of Makha Puja Day, which is the day that our Lord Buddha gave “The Ovada patimokkha”. These three principles are: (1) to cease from all evil; (2 ) to do what is good, and (3)to cleanse one’s mind.

The Dhamma provides grand principles perfectly encompassing grand principles all other religions. We can state that to study and to practice “Dhamma” in Buddhism is as well equal to practice the grand principles of all other religions. Because of its pureness, it is equally meaningful for an ordinary person, a middle-class person, a noble person or an enlightened one. Our Dhamma is hence widely admitted adorning a unique holy charm and beauty from beginning, lasting, and ending.

Therefore, the duty of sincere Buddhists, is to spread out the Dhamma. The Buddha’s teaching will create peace among people of the world. By sharing our good intention, establishing goodwill, friendship and coordination between people from different countries and religions, we will be able to live together in peace, harmony and prosperity, in our common human society.

The very purpose of our today’s meeting is to find a way to prevent problems and create goodness for the society as a whole. This is the way that all graduates everyday practice Buddhism. The Lord Buddha praised the summon of this meeting principle as “Aparihaniyadhamma”, which means “the meeting that only aims for the greatest benefits without any pejoration .

Those who succeed in goodness, happiness and prosperity are all known to be open-minded, practicing in 3 ways: listening, thinking and remembering from every source of knowledge, and then, put this knowledge into practice, to produce applicable results. In addition, by exchanging ideas and experiences, they are able to always train themselves in the sole purpose of gaining additional goodness. Thus, teaching us the rules of life to build-up both physical and mental forces that lead to personal peaceful harmony, and hence, successfulness and prosperity.

It is now the time to open the first Makhapuja International Conference. I wish that this conference will meet all its objectives and I wish you all, my best wishes of happiness and enlightenment.

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