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Philosophy : True Success is not in the learning but in its application to the benefit of mankind

Determination : Wisdom of the Land

Vision : Build people, create knowledge, drive Thailand, connect the world for sustainable social development


Mission (Mission1)

     1.Provide quality education, develop a modern curriculum responding to the Sustainable Development Goals and changes in the world of disruptive innovation.

     2.Create multidisciplinary research to connect local to global levels.

     3.Promote academic services for policy and social guidance.

     4.Manage with good governance and has an information technology system that can support the various aspects of the Faculty's operations effectively and efficiently./h3>

     5.Develop a network of academic cooperation, education, research, academic services, student affairs and alumni relations for social development at the local, national and international level. /h3>



     1.Develop and strengthen academic cooperation networks, with the aim of positioning ourselves as a leading institution in the social sciences and humanities

     2.Contribute to the development of society by integrating teaching and learning, research, and academic services

     3.Integrate technology and operational innovation to enhance organizational management through effective cooperation /h3>


Core Values :

     M = Mastery
     A = Altruism
     H = Harmony
     I = Integrity
     D = Determination
     O = Originality
     L = Leadership




     2.TRS Integration

     3.Management Eco-system